Consulting & Contract Engineering Services

Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions, LLC offers professional engineering services on a contract or consulting basis.  Company owner John Cole is a professional mechanical engineer licensed in the State of Tennessee.  John has several years of experience in machine design, including heavy equipment such as rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, crane jib attachments, fork truck attachments, reach-stacker attachments and many other construction equipment machines.  John also has experience as a project engineer with a defense contractor.  He handled various capital improvement projects involved with the maintenance, improvement and relocation of an Army ammunition production facility in Tennessee. Please take a few moments to review John Cole's resume

Past consulting projects include the completion of a feasibility study for a large Kentucky agricultural equipment company which was contemplating entering into the renewable energy industry as an installer of wind turbines and solar arrays.  Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions, LLC was contracted to research the feasibility of the endeavor as it pertained to the current business, local market, energy generation potential and involvement of local and regional utility companies.  The completed study allowed the company to make an informed decision concerning this business venture. 

Our company has also worked with a Mississippi company to provide engineering layout drawings for projects in that state and in Tennessee related to renewable energy production using animal waste at animal confinement facilities. 

Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions, LLC can provide you with mechanical and agricultural design and engineering services.  We are flexible in working arrangements, working as a contractor, consultant or on a retainer agreement.  The company principal, John Cole, has knowledge, training, education and experience in machine design, renewable energy (solar PV, solar thermal, hydro, methane digestion and wind), project engineering/management, product design and manufacturing.  We are confident we can provide you with the level of engineering expertise your project requires.  Please contact us today.